Instant messaging solution

Communication between companies or organizations and related people is increasingly dependent on communication networks and the Internet. E-mail, file transfer, instant messaging, and voice calls are the primary means of communication. At present, the main communication methods are traditional mobile communication networks, Wechat (/Facebook), and QQ (/Line/WhatsApp). These communication methods bring us incomparable convenience and make our communication even more messy and uncontrollable. Information and private information are mixed, often with problems such as wrong transfer, missed connections, delays, and secret leakage. Therefore, a convenient, fast and secure instant messaging platform needs to be established to achieve internal and related personnel communication and exchange.

Message function - instant messaging
Message function - instant messaging

1. Rich message function

The message function includes text chat between accounts, support for sending pictures/short videos/phrases, and message push notifications.

The short message list supports the sorting of the short messages by numbers. Each number corresponds to one and is sorted by time in reverse order. You can view all message records and reply directly.

Message sending: including text, video, voice, expression, and picture (selected from the mobile phone album or direct photo); support for text, expression, picture mix; support message content forwarding.

Message management: support for the top; do not disturb; delete, mark the chat record.

Groups/Discussion Features - Instant Messaging

2. Group/discussion group function

Group creation: Supports manual creation of groups; fixed creation of groups. Each group rents a unique URI address. Support setting group nickname, group avatar. Automatically generate group avatar puzzles.

Group messages: Each group message is displayed in the message list according to its nickname. Displays contact information when the group chats. Support private chat, @ function, etc.

Group management: support for group personnel invitation, prohibition of speaking, kicking and other functions.

Groups/Discussion Features - Instant Messaging
Message push - instant messaging
Message push - instant messaging

3. Message push

The news push adopts the SparklePush unified push platform of SparkleComm.

Support Android, iOS, PC (including: MacOs, Windows, Linux) client push.

The message push function covers push notifications from friends, groups, and platforms when the user is offline.

Message push API interface is provided to support integration with other systems, such as: integration with OA system to implement push notification; integration with financial system to implement payroll notification etc.

Online Address Book - Instant Messaging

4. Online address book

The online address book is also called corporate address book and supports private cloud address book.

With background web management capabilities, administrators manage address books through the web management console.

Support multi-level organizational structure; supports hierarchical privilege control; the client presents and queries the address book based on different privileges.

Provide API structure and address book integration with other systems: such as integration with OA or HR system to achieve automatic synchronization of contacts.

Online Address Book - Instant Messaging

Message encrypted transmission

Messages are encrypted and transmitted in the kernel, and are transmitted using the TLS channel. The transmitted data will be transmitted to a replica server, and the service layer server can be saved centrally, enabling traceability of message records.

File transfer

The message file transmission is managed centrally by the server, and the file transmission is only required to be uploaded once, and there is no need to retransmit the file when it is retransmitted. At the same time, the file supports rights management, such as: prohibiting forwarding, forwarding authorization reminding and other functions.

Real-time voice call

SparkleIM is an integral part of the unified communications platform. SparkleComm's voice call features are natively integrated. A voice call can be initiated anywhere in the message.See details SparkleComm

Real-time video call

SparkleIM is an integral part of the unified communications platform. SparkleComm's voice call features are natively integrated. Video call conversations can be initiated anywhere in the message.See details SparkleComm


SparkleIM adopts a flexible layered architecture to provide multiple customized solutions: Option 1: UI customization, all clients (Android/IOS/PC) can be customized according to user requirements. Option 2: The SDK is customized. The user can customize the free instant messaging system based on SparkleComm's development kit and the underlying SDK. The client and server can be deeply integrated into the client's free system.

SparkleIM advantages

SparkleIM is a carrier-grade product architecture compared to its peer instant messaging system. SparkleIM's R&D team comes from the world's top 500 telecommunications system manufacturers. At the same time, SparkleIM has matured cases in communications operators. Therefore, the maturity of its products is far better than that of ordinary manufacturers.

sparklecomm system structure

System structure

The entire SparkleIM system includes subsystem modules with data provider interfaces, SparkleComm core services, service APIs, protocol extensions, SIP protocol adaptation, control APIs, mobile client and management control portal.

sparklecomm system structure